Local SEO

40% of business listings online are inaccurate, incomplete or missing. Is this your business?

In today’s Digital landscape it is important to be found when someone is looking for your products and services. Recent changes to Googles algorithm’s have made it tougher for your business to be found. Simple things such as two different phone numbers showing up on your online listings can send your local SEO into chaos. No need to worry as we can fix all of this for you and get your business the exposure you need.

Directories are the “digital” yellow pages, with 1/3 of all searches having local intent (i.e. plumbers, Austin, TX). It’s important for your business to appear where users are looking.

Directories not only help your business appear in the top one or two pages of search, they allow users to be a source for referrals and reviews and they provide all the relevant information a customer would need to contact you. Just like the Yellow Pages of old, if your competitors are there, you should be too.

Can customers find your business in the top directories?

While many of your potential customers search Google for information, inevitably a large portion of them find their way to a local directory.

Increase links to your business.

Increase your search rank with robust quality content and back links to your business’ website.

Drive “local citations” and get people talking about your business.

Local citations can help your site rank in national and local search and improve your Google Places results.

digitalAIM Presence: Help consumers and Google find you. Make sure your business listing is found, accurate and complete.

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