Social Media Marketing

67% of online adults use social Networking sites in the U.S. Social media is like a cocktail party.. Is your Business part of the conversation?

Most of your social media platforms now contain their own ad platforms with great targeting technology. Do you know how to zero in on your audience and how to optimize your advertising campaigns for maximum results? In today’s atmosphere social media advertising can become very complicated when trying to navigate everything available to you. Although Facebook is today’s giant many other social platforms are catching up and drive better engagement. Are your ad campaigns on social media properly aligned with your marketing strategy?

Do you like what people are saying about your brand?

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations.

Is word of mouth your business #1 form of advertising?

Socialnomics=word of mouth on digital steroids.

How important are recommendations to your business?

53% of people on Twitter recommend products in their Twitter feed.

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