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Dental A

How a small town local dentist is benefiting from its relationship with digitalAIM Media


Dental A, is located in Johnson County and is managed by three dentists who split time with their patients. They are one of the few dentist offices who are open after hours, 5pm-7pm, and are very well connected with the community. They also boast about their all-female staff which is very appealing to some of their patients. They have been located in the area for over 30 years and have a combined 60+ years of experience.

If you desire results backed by data, DigitalAIM Media will help you hit your target.

DigitalAIM Media’s job is to help their clients harness the full power and scale of the web while driving results, DigitalAIM helps design, and execute any digital marketing strategy. DigitalAIM Media has an established team of 17 professionals with the talent to produce or enhance all creative and technical communication needs. DigitalAIM has partnered with many top names in business and takes great pride in building loyal long-term relationships over the years.


Dental A is a locally owned practice competing in a world of franchises and large corporate offices whose economies of scale enable them to make much larger media buys and acquire cost savings when purchasing supplies. Because of this, Dental A, needed to find a way to make a splash in the county and inform the community of their exceptional dental care. Dental A needed a solution to generate the same exposure as the large corporations at half the price.



Dental A partnered with digitalAIM Media. digitalAIM Media works with companies of all sizes to maximize their advertising. Budget by generating the most efficient and effective marketing solutions. digitalAIM Media has multiple locations across the United States which gives them the ability to meet in person and get to know their clients. digitalAIM Media works alongside a number of newspaper companies in the United States. This is important because it gives AIM access to fully functional graphics departments, concept creation teams, and campaign fulfilment specialists. Creating artwork and developing concepts “in house” gives AIM the ability to deliver professional products and ideas at an affordable price.


DigitalAIM Media starts the old fashioned way, a pad of paper and a handshake. digitalAIM Media’s goal is to learn as much about their client as possible before suggesting where to allocate their advertising dollars. After gathering information, AIM is then able to research the associated market to figure out what the IT factor will be.

What makes Dental A unique or better than the surrounding competition?

Because “better” is subjective and can only be determined by the customer, AIM does its best to discover the unique IT factor that can be utilized to gain customers’ attention. After determining the IT factor AIM asks the question,

Who is the target demographic?

This information comes from a combination of online sources. AIM’s client database and historical data provided by the client. The IT factor is also a key driver in the demographic creation process because the message needs to align with the audience receiving it. Most of the time, the business owner or marketing director knows his or her “target market” as is told to them by their vendors or past experience. However through our research and discovery process, we often find they are missing out on another segment of their market all together. Dental A was a perfect example of this. After conducting online research and the examining historical data from the dental office and AIM’s previous experience, conventional wisdom suggests that mothers with young children are the perfect demographic to target. This is where AIM was able to shed some light and make a suggestion to plan for the entire year. There is no doubt moms are traditionally the decision makers when it comes to their family’s health care. However, in this case, Dental A has a unique IT factor, they are open after 5pm.

Who needs to go to the dentist after 5pm?

The young, working professional class with a traditional 9 to 5 schedule would rather not burn a day of vacation if given the choice. Dental A’s availability from 5pm to 7pm appealed to this young, professional demographic.

As the solution, AIM crafted a multi-message approach to Dental A’s annual campaign. One “after hours” campaign was ran to target young professionals. Additionally, the traditional message to mothers campaign ran concurrently. Targeting mothers with traditional messages and the young professionals with the “after hours” message initiated exponential growth. After deciding on the correct IT factor and targeting tactics, AIM researches which mediums are best to reach that specific demographic. In this case and in most cases, Dental A’s goal was to generate the highest number of new patients per month. In 2017, social media was easily one of the most effective ways to target a specific demographic and receive the best click through rates in the digital advertising world. Social media is wildly popular among mothers.

According to* 84% of mothers polled in the US said they had a Facebook account. This meant Facebook advertising was an absolute must in targeting the mothers in the county. Facebook allowed AIM to select mothers of a certain HHI and age with younger children living in Johnson County. Talk about targeting!

Likewise, the **Pew Research Center tells us that 81% of young adults ages 18-29 have Facebook and 64% have an Instagram account and that over 75% of people making $75K+/year are associated with at least one social media account while only 60% of people making $30K or less per year fell into that category.

Moral of the story, young, affluent people are more likely to have a one or more social media accounts. This was how AIM decided social media advertising would also be a great place to reach the young professionals in the county.

AIM was able to target the 18-35 year old Johnson County population with a minimum income of $50K. This group was deemed more likely to have dental insurance or the ability to pay for dental services and made for the perfect “after hours” target.


AIM likes to approach both sides of the consumer’s purchasing process, the passive side and the active side. Social media advertising is a great example of the passive side of the consumer purchasing process. The consumer is shown relevant ads while scrolling through content from friends, family, and news sources. The goal is to place an enticing message in front of the consumer when they are not engaged in the purchasing process in order to lure them in or grab a quick impression! On the flip side, there is a consumer who is actively seeking out a specific product. They perform searches on Google or one of the other search engines in hopes of finding the right item at the best price. In this case, Google Adwords or search engine marketing (SEM) is a great example of how to target someone who is on the active side of the purchasing process. SEM takes the place of “active” advertising by being there when the consumer is looking for its client’s products or services. SEM was once very easy to set up but has become increasingly difficult due to the amount of competition in this area.

AIM created five different ads due to the amount of services offered at Dental A. This method allowed them to maximize the keyword spend on only a few words rather than creating a “blanket” campaign that aimed at catching any and all product lines. This method allowed Dental A to receive higher quality scores and lower cost per clicks’ to maximize their budget. Dental A received, on average, 70 clicks per month for “Dental office near me” and “Dentist open after hours.”

The Media

Two key platforms were utilized in this campaign, social media advertising and search engine marketing. Each month, AIM crafted two messages, one for the mothers and one for the young pros. AIM’s goal when creating ads is to put the actual target or feeling into the ad itself. This allows the consumer to see a mirrored ad and think, “That could be me.” Facebook knows that the consumer doesn’t want to look at a lot of text and restricts the amount of text to no more than 20% of the ad. Because of this the text is short, sweet and directly to the point.

Facebook and Instagram Static Ad Advertising

Here are some examples of ads used to target mothers and young professionals.

Video, Video, Video!

It is no secret that video has become a much larger part of our lives over the past few years. *YouTube now has over a billion users, which is nearly 1/3 of all internet users. *Almost half of the people you see walking around day to day consume at least one hour of video content on Facebook or YouTube every week.

*Social Videos generate 1,200% more shares than both text and image ads COMBINED!

This is a number that AIM loves to share because AIM has become one of the leading video content producers in the area.

Not only are we consuming more video but the amount of engagement on video far surpasses that of text or image ads. Video allows businesses to deliver a short message with powerful meaning. They say an image speaks a thousand words; well a video speaks a million.

Investing in success, Dental A was able to utilize three videos during 2017 in its social media campaign. AIM focused on the IT factor when targeting young professional and used a message focused on family care when targeting the mothers. The young professional video was simply, introduced the facility and let the audience know that Dental A was “open for business when you are done with yours.” The month this video was pushed, March, was the highest recorded new client month for the year! The second highest new client month was in July when AIM created a video demonstrating the dental offices love for the community, tailored to the mothers of Johnson County. Each year the dental office does a canned food drive for the local food pantry. AIM was able to capture the collection and delivery of these goods which created its community involved persona that appealed to the mothers in the community.


Arguably the most important piece to this puzzle was Dental A’s ability to track their own ROI. Their staff does an amazing job of asking each and every new customer, “Where/How did you hear about us?” 

Again, this is arguably THE most important piece to the puzzle when calculating the ROI of an advertising campaign. Most advertising strategist and agencies are able to deliver clicks, leads, impressions and a number of other statistics to its clients. However, seeing those leads through the purchasing cycle and calculating that lead’s worth to the business is something that must be done from within.


Dental A tracked not only how new client’s heard about them but how much revenue was generated by each of those new clients throughout the year! Talk about getting specific! Because of this, Dental A was able to establish the “worth” of a new patient. Then it becomes simple math. What was the total advertising investment versus the total revenue? Dental A spent a total of $13,900 dollars through the end of October 2017. In return, new Google and Facebook patients brought in a total of $106,027 dollars on the year. This is an ROI of 763%!


It can be done!
From the local mom and pop shop and to the larger educational or health institutions, digitalAIM Media can help craft a plan that fits the client’s needs. Breaking down and figuring out the IT factor, matching that to a demographic, and creating ads to fit the two is the way to success. In this case, video ads on social media were king. This won’t necessarily be the case in every situation. Advertising is by no means a one size fits all, so AIM builds custom plans for each and every client.