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Digital marketing is subject to constant change. While one encounters many imponderables in SEO, one can (almost) rely on Google Ads that the next update of the Google SERPs now “prefers” Google Ads (SEA) – a trend that will continue beyond 2020 Digital marketing – the first trends in 2020 After the latest update in […]

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What is your big claim?

There are 3 M’s in marketing. Market. Who is your target audience? Who do you want to work with? Message: What do you want to say to your audience? How do you tell them the problem you solve? Media: Where do you talk to your audience? In what place will your audience...

Franklin Family Dental The doctors and staff of Franklin Family Dentistry are proud to have served the Franklin, Indiana community for over 30 years. Our three trusted dentists have over 60 years combined dental experience.

New Customer. New Problem. When you close a deal and have a new customer, you create a whole new problem. You no longer have a prospect! You have to replace that new customer with a new prospect in your pipeline. How can you drive new leads, new prospects? Market...

What Does Google Want? What does Google want? Google wants to see you create unique content and then put that content in relevant places with lots of traffic. So, in simpler terms, Google wants authority. Facebook, Medium, Reddit. These are authority sites...