You created a video or had a company like digitalAIM create one for you. Now what? 88% of customers want to engage with video content. By 2020, 90% of all content on the internet will be video. So what do you do with your video?

1) Post it on YouTube and Vimeo. These are the 2 most powerful video search engines on the planet. Use them as the home of your video.

2) Created a detailed marketing description of your video (like this one). And post it with your video on YouTube and Vimeo. Notice I have written out YouTube and Vimeo several times in my description. I want my description to be used to find these words and relate them to my video. Google can’t watch videos. They can only use the descriptions and tags to find what people are looking for online. Give Google a little help and it will help you.

3) Use part of your video description from YouTube and Vimeo and turn it into a social media post for Facebook, Instagram or wherever you post your content. Then use the link to your video in the social post. It might look like this:

Want your video to be seen more often? You’re just 5, easy steps away!

That wasn’t too bad, right? Do this 5–8 more times, re-writing your post in different ways. This will keep your message fresh while driving home the same point over and over again.

4) Take the audio from the video (if you can) and create a podcast and post it with your blog or article elsewhere.

5) Use the YouTube and Vimeo description and make it more detailed. Then, it’s a blog post. Go and post this on your site, on LinkedIn, Medium, Tumblr, Reddit, anywhere you can that makes sense for your business.

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