Website visitors are great. You spend so much time, effort and money getting people to your website. What happens once…

They leave your website?

Check it out.

8 is the magic number when it comes to staying in front of your prospects.

8. Eight. 4+4. Ate…Wait…

Why? Because it’s not just about getting them to your website. It’s about…

Keeping them engaged with your brand!

And that’s really important because it’s not enough to get them to your site today because it’s easy to find similar companies that do what you do. You need to STAND OUT and stay in front of your prospects.

Your brain wants consistency.

Your brain wants consistency.

Your brain wants consistency.

Your brain wants consistency.

It’s how you remember best, learn fastest and retain information longer.

Your brain wants consistency.

Your brain wants consistency.

Your brain wants consistency.

Your brain wants consistency.

So, give their brains consistency.

8. The number of times you need to get back in touch with someone once they’ve left your website. 8.

Once you get that 8th touch point, then the buyer responds to YOU.


You’ve given them enough consistency that they remember who you are and what you do.

But, how do you do that?

How do you keep in front of someone 8 times?

4 Ways to Hit Your 8 Touch-Points With Your Target Customer

1.Lead Capture Form.

Do you have one of these on your website? If not, this is killing your chances.

Give your customer a reason to leave their contact info so you can follow up with a free offer, discount options, rewards, whatever it takes to get more people’s info. Build a list. Send messages and follow up.


If you aren’t retargeting web visitors once they leave your site you are missing out BIG TIME. Make sure you are retargeting web visitors so you can remind them of your company and get them back to your site. This gives you a chance to follow your leads around the web as they visit other sites.

They go to CNN. BOOM! There is your ad. They go to DIY. BANG! There is your ad.

This is a great way to hit your 8 sooner. But does it work, you might be wondering? Let’s use the best case study we have. YOU.

Have you shopped for a pair of shoes or clothing in the past 6 months? Then you know once you hit a retailer they make sure and hit you up with the specific shoe you were looking at.

Some people feel this is “creepy” to have shoes follow them around.

I felt the same way, but the results speak for themselves.

I’ve found time and time again that our customers get better results with specific retargeting ads. Better results = more sales.

3.Social Media Ads.

Here is something cool we can do to reach that magic number 8.

We can take that list you’re growing from #1 and use it with social media ads. We can send a message to that list with a direct message through their favorite social media so you can remind them of your business and make them an offer.

Here’s the thing. You know they are interested!

They visited your site.

They gave you their email.

Make an offer.

4.Use Analytics To Measure Traffic Patterns.

This might sound hard to figure out. I know exactly how you feel.

When I was running a business and trying to figure this out, I was intimidated by the data at first.

Truth is, it’s not that hard to figure out. I know, I now do this for a living, read data all day, but I found that I was able to learn how people were getting to my site and so will you.

You wanna learn how people get to your site so you can…

Repeat that method over and over again!

This tells you where to put your effort and your dollars.

Then, you can continue to use that vehicle, ensuring you get 1 of your 8 touches.

BONUS 5. Make Sure Your Website Answers Questions.

This is what sites are supposed to do. Answer questions.

You think it is. You know what it says. But how can you be sure you might be wondering?

Ask a friend who knows nothing about your business to read it. If they can tell you what you do, you’ve got good info on your site. If not…

Time For New Content.

It will take time and effort if you have to change your web content, but it will be worth it so you can better answer peoples’ questions. That will allow them to…

Want to Come Back To Your Site.

Once you hit the magic number 8 a buyer most likely to contact you and state their interest.

But here’s the good and bad news.

Once they reach out to you directly after they’ve been touched 8 times, 80% of these leads will still require 5 follow-ups to close.

The bad news first.

It stretches out the buying cycle and you don’t close a customer as soon as you’d like.

You have to reach out at least 5 more times, not with retargeting or ads, but with phone calls or emails.

Now, the good news.

We’ll help you plan both your 8 touch points and your 5 follow up plan for free.

All you have to do is LIKE this article and I will contact you to schedule an audit where we will break down your current processes and coach you how to close the gap with your customers.

LIKE this article and I’ll reach out personally for your audit.

We’ll break it all down for you:

  • Revenue streams and which are best suited for digital follow-ups.
  • How to develop compelling copy that gets people engaged.
  • How to create an offer to get an exchange for an email.
  • How to craft a follow-up message to share with your buyer.
  • When and where to schedule your ads.
  • How often to set your retargeting schedule for.
  • How to measure your analytic traffic and where to put your efforts.

And much more.

The audit itself will require some time to analyze your business, get an understanding and then we can make recommendations and educate you. We’ll take you behind the scenes to what we do each day in working with other businesses to make them successful.

Like I said, there is no cost.

Simply, LIKE this article and I’ll connect with you to get started.

So, if you’d like to connect with your web visitors in a more dynamic way that helps them remember and trust you, LIKE this article now.

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