DigitalAIM specializes in working with health care (hospitals), finance (banks, credit unions), education (colleges, universities and private institutions) and tourism businesses.

While each business sector and each client is different, there are some common statistics, objectives, and measurements that they have in common. We’re sharing some of our partner’s success and how we’ve been able to help them achieve their objectives and grow their business. We call the businesses with work with partners because we guide them through the process, providing feedback and gaining their insight and understanding into our marketing plan. This video covers a campaign focused on those 34–55 years old with a household income of $75,000 or more. We also have a contiguous campaign that ran targeting those 18 and older with a household income under $50,000. We connected with this audience using geo-fencing, search display, keyword display, retargeting display, and contextual display advertising, social media marketing, and Pandora streaming radio to connect with the various target prospects. We were able to measure the total number of visits to various branches for this bank and gain and ROI outcome from this campaign.

DigitalAIM is not your typical agency. With several small offices throughout the country, we live locally and work nationally. To better understand your markets and your business, we strategically place our offices in communities both large and small, allowing us to better understand the various businesses we work with and their audience. At digitalAIM, we are one team in many places. With full creative, video production, content creation, as well as campaign creation, placement, execution and reporting, digitalAIM is a comprehensive agency that meets exceeds your needs.