You start your day with a workout. You’ve got Pandora up and you’re cranking to some late 90’s hip-hop. You’re in the zone, you don’t even hear the words…you’re just going. Then, you notice the beat drops and you’re hearing a commercial for your local hospital. Ludacris comes on next and you’re able to get back in the groove.

Then, after you get ready, you hop on Facebook to see what’s going on in the news and the world of your friends. Trump this, Obama that, cat video…“I need to unfriend that person later” you think. You see a Facebook ad for the hospital again.

You’re at work and you have to search for some statistics. You’re taken to a news site that published an article with stats that will meet your needs. Once again, you see a hospital ad, this time as an ad on the news site. You haven’t really paid attention to what it says, just that you noticed it again.

Later, you’re at lunch with your friends and you’re talking about what’s good. You see a TV ad for that same hospital. The volume is down so you have no idea what it’s saying, but you think, “I’m seeing this place everywhere”.

About 3:30pm you check your email for that follow up from Steve and you see an email titled “5 Ways To Live Forever…Maybe Just Longer” from that same hospital. You think, what is going on?! You click on the email to see what it says. You can read about 2 of the points and then it takes you to their website. You click on the link but realize you don’t want to read the rest. So, you click off the site and go about your day waiting for that email from Steve.

You finally get that email from Steve and he asked you to double-check those statistics. You search once again for the answer and you are taken to a few more news sites. You see another ad for the hospital. This one featuring one of the topics you read about in the email. You hover over the ad, but you don’t click on it. You get the data to Steve and finish up the day.

After you’ve run your errands, you’re at home and searching your favor Pinterest boards for decorating ideas. One of the pins takes you to an article on HGTV. You love HGTV. As you’re reading the article, another ad pops up with another topic from the “5 Ways” email you saw earlier. You don’t recall reading that topic, but it sounds interesting. However, it takes a lot to pull you away from HGTV. It can wait, you’ve got decorating ideas ready for you.

Before bed, you check Instagram one more time. Last minute motivational quotes and food ideas for when you start that diet on Monday. You’re strolling down: quote, kid pictures, funny video, quote, food pic, celebrity, food pic, quote, hospital ad. This time, it seems like they are talking right to you with the ad. You click, you read, you learn.

The article is reviewing 5 ways to measure, plan and improve your current fitness and nutrition all within the comfort and ease of your daily life. From testing to blood to planning food and fitness based on your DNA to coaching and assistance. All to fit your lifestyle. The article even says “…it’s like having a personal decorator come to your home and decorate your house for you.” There is a box that asks if you want to learn more. You give your email address and they give you a download with more detail, past success, some tips and suggestions and information on how to get started.

“Hmm… I was going to start a diet on Monday. This does sound interesting, but I’ve got recipes picked out and those exercises I’ve seen on Instagram and on Women’s Health. I’ve got this.”

The next day you start out with another workout listening to Pandora. You hear another commercial for the hospital. It’s harder to get back in the zone this time because you’re thinking about your plan.

After you get ready you jump on Facebook to read the news and see what else is going on. Trump this, Obama that, cat video…“Seriously, I need to unfriend that person” you think. You see a Facebook ad for the hospital again, this time there is an offer for the program you read about. It’s 10% off now. “That’s better, but I still have these plans. I got this.”

You get an email from your boss with an article to read on your industry. You are taken to a news site and you see another ad, also for 10% off the hospital program price. “I’m at work, can’t do it now.”

You grab a quick lunch alone because you have to leave early for the dentist. You’re going through your email and you see another message from the hospital, this time with more details about the program, more success stories and the 10% off offer. You click through to look at the info on the site once again. The pictures of the before and afters are amazing and it seems like they’ve been doing this longer than you first realized. You check out the price. Even with the 10% off, you’re not sure you want to pull the trigger. You’ve got this.

Once you get to the dentist you are in the waiting area. The hygienist hasn’t come back to get you yet and Mauri is on TV. You hop on Instagram and stroll through quote, kid pictures, funny video, quote, food pic, celebrity, food pic, quote, hospital ad with another before and after picture. It’s also got the person in the ad tagged for you to see their Instagram profile. You hit their feed and see just how far this person has come. They’ve got pictures of their food, workouts, kids, friends, out at fancy dinners, decorating idea…WAIT, WHAT?! They like decorating too? You feel like you’ve got a lot in common with this person. Like you would be friends if you knew them. You hear your name, hit the home button and head back to get a cleaning.

After dinner, which feels weird after having your teeth cleaned, you hop on Pinterest to check out some more boards. You’re scrolling through others’ boards when you see a face that looks familiar. It’s that person from the testimonial ad…your friend! You check out their board and their taste is impeccable. You see what other boards they have. There are food and fitness board. You check it out. The recipes look amazing, way better than what you had planned out for Monday. You scroll through a few more things and decide you are almost a stalker.

You close out Pinterest and pause. You can’t think of the name of the program. “Well, I saw it last on HGTV… I’ll go there.” pops up and before you can jump into the first article about how shiplap can be used in every room in your house, you see an ad for that program. This time for 15% off. You click on the ad and fill out the form, submit your inquiry and await a response to get started. You thank your new friends for their help in making this decision. You’re looking forward to the same success. Maybe, you’ll even be able to meet them soon.

Your marketing plan might not work like this…yet. You’ve got orders to fulfill, customers to service and payroll that need to be completed. A smart, well-planned campaign isn’t as challenging as it sounds. DM me for a free audit of your marketing plan and we’ll guide you through your marketing options and where you can best meet your customers.

Ian McGriff is the Digital Sales and Marketing Director at digitalAIM Media Indiana. digitalAIM Media is full service digital marketing agency offering everything from award-winning creative and production, to paid media placement that drives real results, to custom programs and campaigns as unique as your business. digitalAIM is not your typical agency. With several small offices throughout the country, we live locally and work nationally. To better understand your markets and your business, we strategically place our offices in communities both large and small, allowing us to better understand the various businesses we work with and their audience. At digitalAIM, we are one team in many places. With full creative, video production, content creation, as well as campaign creation, placement, execution and reporting, digitalAIM is a comprehensive agency that exceeds your needs.