There are 3 M’s in marketing.
Market. Who is your target audience? Who do you want to work with?
Message: What do you want to say to your audience? How do you tell them the problem you solve?
Media: Where do you talk to your audience? In what place will your audience find that perfect message for them?

The Message is where this claim comes in. What is your big claim? What big promise do you have to offer your solution?

This claim is part of getting Attention. Attention, Repetition, and Education are the most the most important parts of marketing. You have to get massive attention repeatedly while telling people what problem you solve. The claim is part of your attention-getting strategy. What can you claim that is also true and ethical? What can you claim that your product or solution actually fulfills?

Coke’s claim? Happiness is a can.
Lexus’ claim? The endless pursuit of perfection.

National brands all have perfected major claims. Geico could save you 10% or more on care insurance. It’s a claim. It’s a position that is true as well as compelling to those who seek that problem to be solved by Geico.

So, what is your company or your organizations claim? What can you claim that is both true and bold? Both worthy of attention and true to your capabilities.

Find you claim and you have a strong position in your marketing and getting attention in your message.