Markeing is about 3 things.

1) Attention.

2) Repetition

3) Education.

You have to get ATTENTION and as much attention as you can from your prospects. If you get enough attention then they might do business with you.

To make sure you have their ATTENTION, you have to get in front of your prospect with REPETITION. Delivering your message over and over in new and creative ways on a number of platforms (facebook, Instagram, medium, Tumblr, etc.) so they can see you and know you.

While you are getting their ATTENTION with REPETITION you have to provide EDUCATION to them about who you are, what you do, why you provide value.

That’s it. Marketing is just 3 things.

digitalAIM is not your typical agency. With several small offices throughout the country, we live locally and work nationally. To better understand your markets and your business, we strategically place our offices in communities both large and small, allowing us to better understand the various businesses we work with and their audience. At digitalAIM, we are one team in many places. With full creative, video production, content creation, as well as campaign creation, placement, execution and reporting, digitalAIM is a comprehensive agency that exceeds your needs.