digitalAIM video production creates short tail as well as long tail video of various types. These are great ads to use on social media, search re-targeting, site re-targeting, keyword targeting, contextual targeting and various display advertising. This is a video created to promote a special stay at Creekside Retreat, a hotel and conference center in Nashville, IN. We promote this tourism business using social media, social media advertising, display advertising, video production, as well as hosting their website.

DigitalAIM is not your typical agency. With several small offices throughout the country, we live locally and work nationally. To better understand your markets and your business, we strategically place our offices in communities both large and small, allowing us to better understand the various businesses we work with and their audience. At digitalAIM, we are one team in many places. With full creative, video production, content creation, as well as campaign creation, placement, execution and reporting, digitalAIM is a comprehensive agency that meets exceeds your needs.